check this??Extremely low frequency RF??

“Extremely low frequency RF
High-power extremely low-frequency RF with electric field levels in the low kV/m range is known to induce perceivable currents within the human body that create an annoying tingling sensation. These currents will typically flow to ground through a body contact surface such as the feet, or arc to ground where the body is well insulated.”
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bind “tingling” to [barely audio] lex or vocabulary, made possible by stellar surveillance


tenants of “torture”, demonstrated by experience “fhred”

2017-03-16_06-30, tenants of torture

tenants of torture
01. allied let-down
02. impersonation MIA not looked for, assumed doing well
03. irreversible damage
04. false hope (“help is on the way”)
05. falsely accused & believed (soc fall)
06. embarrassment
07. dehumanization (compromised identity)
08. betrayal
09. guilt, non-contextual comparisons
10. repetition
11. time limits
12. inconsistent threats, unknown
13. self penalty for third party offence /w self assist
14. dope, withdrawal
15. verbal insults
16. false credit / lift with drop
17. [threats of] sexual assault
18. [legal] framing
19. indeterminate conscience
20. captor / torturer repertoire change-up