Fhred represents slavery,rape & the propagation of hate.

Fhred represents slavery, rape & the propagation of hate.
He finds joy & humor in inciting bigotry in those who otherwise combat generalized thinking.
The access point, is in your head, and it’s 24/7 negativity, for months on end.
Fhred has to “get this to here”.
This means dumb-fire brute-force attacks employed when you are most vulnerable.
Depriving you of sleep repeatedly, during the evening, is paramount.
Burning out the patience of your loved ones, isolating you, is a ‘Fhred necessity’.
Fhred will use pussified distanced attacks, until you are on the street, ‘crazy’, destitute & alone.
By then, your confidence & strength should be whittled down enough for him to at least make some approach, in person.
In which case, he will probably attempt rape you, but only with more of his number to protect him.

Fhred delights in making you think various groups are at the root of his ‘distanced assault’.
While he’ll attempt to [falsely] implicate your family, neighbors, esteemed medical staff, & even such parties as Marilyn Manson & the Black Panthers, his aim is to have you believe most of humanity shares his values (or lack thereof).

‘Harrassment’ might start as “channel commits”, such as ‘miracle bum kicks in the ass’ (“to shore-up the unemployed”), or as vigilante retailiation for heinous acts supposedly committed, these are likely just covers for sadists with itches to scratch.
There might be statements suggesting that various communities think of you as a pedophile, or a rapist.
While there might actually be few, if any, untoward acts to your name, Fhred, by obvious behavior, is indeed a rapist.
Fhred would even bind persons like puppets, to make them perform sexual acts against their will.


??Check This?? Humans can detect sound through their jaw

Discovery Cove (www.discoverycove.com/)

“Dolphins use sonar to communicate and to map their surroundings. The sound is detected by fat-filled cavities in the lower jaw bone and then transmitted to the ear, bypassing the outer ear. Humans can do the same; however, we rarely try to detect sounds with our jaw. Here’s a simple way to do so. First cover your ears or put in earplugs. Get someone to hold a compressed slinky spring against your chin and then have them release the lower part so that the spring extends and hits a hard floor. You should hear the sound of the impact and the springs clearly. There are other ways to do this, such as clamping a plastic ruler between the teeth and plucking it, however, the sound of the spring is different through the jaw and through the ears, suggesting that a different frequency is transmitted successfully through the bone (indeed, the resonant frequency of the spring will be a few hertz so clearly the sound being heard is not simply the oscillation as it would be for the ruler) and the sound itself is quite unusual—like a special effect from Star Wars!”

subliminal programming


Generate pain or pressure in area of body later: Mark area of body in subconscious with pressure/pain suggestion + retrieval cue, by “wicking” body area with high frequency waves directed at body area. Use relevant frequency for better targeting of body area. Program subject to hear different voices for different areas of lobe/cochlea. Areas heard can have secondary redirects.

“fhred” might include the ‘neighborhood party house guy

“fhred” might include the ‘neighborhood party house guy’ who spies on neighbors using various equipment, some of which is music, sound, band-related, etc. By the nature of the music, the persons are presumably Hispanic. (While this might be over-generalizing, safety is THE primary concern.) High frequency waves might be actively directed at other residents, including myself. Right now, we’re assuming sound clips from neighbors, were gathered without permission. Sound might be bombarded out of ear shot, or directly at residents. Such sound might include clips of residents speaking early. Again, those clips wouldn’t have been collected with permission.

tenants of “torture”, demonstrated by experience “fhred”

2017-03-16_06-30, tenants of torture

tenants of torture
01. allied let-down
02. impersonation MIA not looked for, assumed doing well
03. irreversible damage
04. false hope (“help is on the way”)
05. falsely accused & believed (soc fall)
06. embarrassment
07. dehumanization (compromised identity)
08. betrayal
09. guilt, non-contextual comparisons
10. repetition
11. time limits
12. inconsistent threats, unknown
13. self penalty for third party offence /w self assist
14. dope, withdrawal
15. verbal insults
16. false credit / lift with drop
17. [threats of] sexual assault
18. [legal] framing
19. indeterminate conscience
20. captor / torturer repertoire change-up